Angel Garcia

Candidate Statement

The challenges ahead require a hardworking homegrown leader to tackle these obstacles without raising taxes or fees.

Small Businesswoman Mayra Garcia, a lifelong Temecula resident, Great Oak High School, and Chapman University graduate is committed to solve homelessness, alleviate traffic congestion, and ensure fast response times to emergency calls.


Temecula has many WONDERFUL NEIGHBORHOODS but has fallen victim to petty crimes and increased homelessness.

Decisions made at city hall have a direct impact on our everyday lives, businesses, and property values.

Mayra will be a good steward of taxpayer resources, an advocate of core public services including
street maintenance, traffic reduction, public parks, and safety.


We've all been paying more with little to show for it.

Mayra's professional experience and knowledge in public policy and economics, combined with a balanced perspective and dynamic approach will bring common sense into City Hall.

If You Love Temecula, Please Vote Mayra Garcia for Temecula City Council District 1!

(951) 223-6776